A manifesto of sorts, PERMIAN freely explores within the boundaries below:

Circular Design: consider the product lifecycle and its eventual return to the earth, and apply a holistic approach to company infrastructure, systems, and value chains;

Collaboration: with diverse co-creators consisting of artists, non-profits, craftspeople, scientists, small- businesses, and communities most excluded by design;

Environmental Awareness: select the highest-quality materials that are eco-thoughtfully produced, longest lasting, and will encourage buying less - including plastic-free biodegradable packaging, and vegetable-tanned leathers made following EPA guidelines, that are waste by- products of the meat industry;

Equity-Centered Design and Allyship: engage with non-profit organizations by giving time, money and recognition, while providing a safe, respectful and diverse space for community, education, resource-sharing, co-creating, learning, discussion and the inclusion of systemically underrepresented voices as we shift established power dynamics and create new community networks;

Experimentation: prioritize self-expression, ideation, the creative process, the pursuit of learning and the strength to change;

Locally Made: pay fair wages, cut carbon emissions by sourcing from and manufacturing in the USA, collaborate with small-businesses that adhere to American environmental and workplace standards, and participate in community engagement initiatives;

Transparency: gather feedback, humbly and empathetically evaluate impact, and honestly account for efforts.